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Puma 33 Sqn, Recruit Course 9, BTA, October 00

About: 606 (Chilten) Squadron RAuxAF

606 (Chiltern) Squadron formed as the Helicopter Support Squadron at RAF Benson on 1 October 1996. It was the first of 5 Role Support Squadrons arising from the expansion of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF). On 1 October 1999 the Squadron was granted the number and title of 606 (Chiltern) Squadron. This number is within the series that won honour with RAuxAF flying squadrons during the Second World War. However, unlike the numbers recently issued to RAuxAF Operational Support Squadrons, it has never been used before and is the first new squadron number to be issued for some considerable time. October 1999 also saw the Squadron transfer, with other Royal Air Force (RAF) Support Helicopter units from Strike Command to the operational control of newly formed Joint Helicopter Command (JHC); part of the Army's Land Command. The unit is the only RAuxAF unit within JHC.

The Squadron is parented by RAF Benson and is fully integrated into Operations Wing. Its' role is to provide a pool of trained personnel to augment the Support Helicopter Force in training and on operations in times of crisis and war. The current strength is around 160 all ranks. The Squadron trains non-commissioned personnel in the trades of Flight Operations, RAF Regiment, Supply, Motor Transport (both drivers and vehicle maintenance technicians), Field Catering and General Engineering (Ground Electricians and Ground Support Equipment technicians). On the commissioned side the Squadron has a number of Flight Operations Officers as well as officers in the RAF Regiment, Supply and Engineering branches.

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